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Patara, Xanthos, Letoon & Pinara
The ancient Lycian capital of Xanthos, discovered in 1838 by the archaeologist Charles Fellows. City was a free, independent town till 545 BC., when it was besieged by the Persian army led by Harpagus. Today city near one of the Turkish village called Kinik, lies 18 km north of Patara. You can see the Theater, Tomb of the Harpies, Nereid Monument, Agora, and Inscribed Pillar, among a mixture of ruins from lycian, Roman and Byzantine times, create the special atmosphere of this site whose original reliefs are kept in the British Museum in London . The holy Lycian center of Letoon, 5 km farther to the Xsantos, there are three temples dedicated to Leto, Apollo and Artemis, familiar goods of mythology, which goes back to 4th century B.C., is built between the other two in Ionic and Doric style. All they are await the exploring by tourist.
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Patara is famous on two accounts: as the birth-place of St. Nicholas who has entered into Christian tradition as Father Christmas and for having long been the seat of a famous Oracle to Apollo.

It was Herodotus who wrote about the importance of the oracle, second only to that of Delphi: it only functioned, so to speak, during the six winter months, when the God sojourned there; Apollo spent the remaining six summer months at the Delphic Oracle. Founded according to legend, by Patarus, son of Apollo and the nymph Lycia during the 5th century city was one of the important commercial centre and a principal harbour in ancient Lycia. Patara is reached by following a winding mountain road before descending to the site. Here, according to mythology, Apollo was born. More concrete history reveals that this town was the birthplace of St. Nicholas. The ruins are of course, numerous and interesting. But Patara is also a natural place for beach lovers. Its 22 - km of pure white sand stretches as far as the eye can see, making it a natural choice for all types of beach sports. The remoteness of this undiscovered corner makes it feel like your own private gateway.
Itinerary Courtesy of Xpress Tours Kalkan
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